Filenames with a space


It’s common to see file names with one or more spaces when the using Microsoft Operating System. The following note shows how these spaces can be removed using PowerShell should the need arise.

List all files with a space:

Get-ChildItem | Where-Object {$ -match ' '}

In my example, the following files are listed:

    Directory: C:\junk

Mode                LastWriteTime     Length Name
----                -------------     ------ ----
-a---        17/01/2013     21:21         11 filename with a space.txt
-a---        17/01/2013     21:06         11 gash file.txt

Of course, if it’s just pdf files you want to sort out, then the syntax will be:

Get-ChildItem *.pdf | Where-Object {$ -match ' '}

To rename these files replacing the space with an underscore character, execute the following code:

Get-ChildItem |
   Where-Object {$ -match ' '} |
   Rename-Item -NewName {$ -replace '\s+', '_'}

The file names are now:

-a---        17/01/2013     21:21         11 filename_with_a_space.txt
-a---        17/01/2013     21:36         11 gash_file.txt

If you want to remove the spaces without replacing with another character, then the parameters to the Rename-Item cmdlet becomes:

Rename-Item -NewName {$ -replace '\s+', ''}

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