Slash and Windows file paths


I quite often use properties files via the class java.util.Properties to obtain input for files and file path names. To ensure consistency, I’ve decided upon the forward slash for my Windows file paths, i.e.,


To ensure this is so, I use the String method replaceAll to convert any back slashes to a forward slash. So if a file path is written in one of my properties files with a back slash, I can convert it to the way I want it to be.


As mentioned, I use the String method replaceAll and a regular expression to do the conversion. On testing this idea, I used a text file with the following examples, all with a different path separator:




The following code shows that the above file paths can be converted with a forward slash.

 Path source = Paths.get("c:/junk", "gash.txt");
 String inrec = "";
 String newString = "";

try (BufferedReader buff = Files.newBufferedReader(source, Charset.forName("US-ASCII"))) {

inrec = buff.readLine();
 while (inrec != null) {

System.out.printf ("Original string = %s%n", inrec);
 newString = inrec.replaceAll("\\\\{1,}", "/");
 System.out.printf ("New string = %s%n%n", newString);

inrec = buff.readLine();

} catch (Exception e) {

Sample output

The following output can be seen from the above example file paths.

Original string = C:\Windows\sample\HitsumiAro\Olf\Mende\test.txt
New string = C:/Windows/sample/HitsumiAro/Olf/Mende/test.txt

Original string = C:\\Windows\\sample\\HitsumiAro\\Olf\\Mende\\test.txt
New string = C:/Windows/sample/HitsumiAro/Olf/Mende/test.txt

Original string = C:/Windows/sample/HitsumiAro/Olf/Mende/test.txt
New string = C:/Windows/sample/HitsumiAro/Olf/Mende/test.txt

See also
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