Date arithmetic within PowerShell


There are many ways to do date arithmetic within PowerShell. This article gives a few examples.

Example 1

In this example we’re subtracting one date from another to give the difference in days between the two dates.

$today = Get-Date;
$futureDate=[datetime]"2012-06-16" # The ISO 8601 notation of YYYY-MM-DD
# Parameters:
# year - The year (1 through 9999).
# month - The month (1 through 12).
# day - The day (1 through the number of days in month).
#$futureDate = New-Object System.DateTime(2012, 06, 16); # year, month, day

$tspan=New-TimeSpan $today $futureDate;

Write-Host "Todays date = " ("{0:f}" -f $today);
Write-Host "The future date = " ("{0:f}" -f $futureDate);
Write-Host "The difference in days is $diffDays";

Example 2

Adding or subtracting a number of days from the current date. It doesn’t have to be the current date, we could carry out these actions on other predetermined dates.

Adding a number of days. The variable numberOfDays is the number of days we wish to add.


Subtracting a number days. Again, the variable numberOfDays is the number of days we wish to subtract.


See also

The Wonders of Date Math using Windows PowerShell


Using the New-Timespan Cmdlet The New-TimeSpan cmdlet provides a way to do date arithmetic within Windows PowerShell.

DateTime Structure Represents an instant in time, typically expressed as a date and time of day.

Numeric representation of dates and time

ISO 8601:2004 is applicable whenever representation of dates in the Gregorian calendar, times in the 24-hour timekeeping system, time intervals and recurring time intervals or of the formats of these representations are included in information interchange.

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