PowerShell v3 help files


On upgrading to PowerShell v3, it became apparent that the help side of the utility was not as it should be and help information was incomplete. This could be a side-effect of using software that is a pre-release version. To get around the problem, I used information from Richard Siddaway’s Blog to sort things out.


Start PowerShell as an administrator and execute the following commands.

PS> Save-Help -DestinationPath <Help Files DestinationPath> -UICulture en-US -Force –Verbose

PS> Update-Help -SourcePath <Help Files DestinationPath> -UICulture en-US -Force –Verbose

where <Help Files DestinationPath> is the folder where I placed my help files. In my case, I used the destination of:


The folder has to exist before you execute these commands.

And that’s it.


Prior to this, obtaining help such as:

PS> Get-Help Get-ChildItem

would give help information which looked like:

    Get-Help cannot find the Help files for this cmdlet on this computer. It is displaying only partial help. 
        -- To download and install Help files for the module that includes this cmdlet, use Update-Help. 
        -- To view the Help topic for this cmdlet online, type: "Get-Help Get-Process -Online" or 
           go to http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=113324.

With thanks to Richard Siddaway’s Blog.

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Richard Siddaway’s Blog

Save-Help The Save-Help cmdlet downloads the newest help files for Windows PowerShell modules and saves them to a directory that you specify.

Update-Help The Update-Help cmdlet downloads the newest help files for Windows PowerShell modules and installs them on your computer. This feature enables you to install help files for modules that do not include them and to update your local help files so that they never become obsolete.

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